Advising Students


I worked three summers in the Undergraduate Advising Office in the Strome College of Business. I served primarily as a transfer advisor, but I also advised other business students. Students requested assistance with class selection, home-work balance issues, major and minor choices, and balancing class loads across semesters.


A large segment of the student population is military. I became quite adept at helping with their special needs. Often military students need to plan farther in advance than other students due to deployments.


Students need to be given an explantion of what standards they are required to meet to graduate. Then they need help establishing an initial plan for graduation. From this point on, they should be held accountable for their progress. This can be done with a friendly, but firm approach.


Based on my experience with Advising Office staff and faculty advisors, I have observed many cases of well-meaning, but uninformed faculty members advising students. This has lead to students having their graduation delayed because of missed graduation requirements. I feel all those with advising responsibility should receive advising training and be kept up-to-date on program and cirriculum changes. I believe students and advisors would have a better experience in this case.


Advising Philosphy