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Pebble Stone Beach

Service Philosophy

Service spills into my teaching and vice versa. Many of my service activities are an extension of my teaching. The flow between them is natural for me. I serve at the department, college, university, and profession levels. In addition, I serve my community in my personal time. Service is highly important to me.

Department Level Service

Women In Technology, student organization faculty advisor

Assessment Committee

Graduation Committee

College Level Service

Student Research Symposium Judge

Faculty Senate Alternate

Commencement Reader Alternate

University Level Service

Core Course Coordinator

Student Success Committee Chair

Assistant Director of CDE-CAE

Profession Level Service


Service to the Profession

Vice President, Northern Alabama Affiliate, Women in Cyber Security

Founding Board Member, Georgia Affiliate, Women in Cyber Security

Student Paper Track Chair, SEDSI

IEEE Simulation, paper reviews

CCERP, journal and conference reviews

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