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Pebble Stone Beach

My Support Team

They motivate me and keep me smiling!

I could not do my work without them.



Anthony Peter [When in trouble]

Boyfriend, Housekeeper, Chef, Personal Cheerleader

Known to go MIA when the surf is good

Talented woodworker


Lady Ada Lovelace [Formally]

Ada Mae [When in trouble]

Resident clown

Will bribe human with toys for cookies

Highly skilled in manipulating people into giving her belly rubs



Kelly Belle [Formally]

Commonly spotted carrying shoes around the house, but never chewing on them

Loves bringing my lunchbox in the house when I arrive home after work

Believes she is old enough to drive


Our Man Callahan [Formally]

Releases siren howl at-will

In-house bedside nurse

Has outstanding camouflage skills

Excellent catch, even on the fly

Loves nothing more than a good snuggle

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